Program Director: Frank M. Bosworth
Professor and Assistant Director School of Architecture
Program location: 500 West Livingston Street, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 610.8325


The University of Florida, School of Architecture launched its CityLab-Orlando Advanced Master of Architecture professional degree program in the Fall 2012. CityLab-Orlando is located in downtown Orlando in the University of Central Florida Center for Emerging Media and provides a unique opportunity to study architecture, urban theory and explore emergent design methodologies in the city of Orlando. The CityLab-Orlando program focuses on the exploration of architectural ideas within the context of the city, and engages with the City of Orlando as a learning laboratory.

CityLab-Orlando accepts applications from qualified graduates of four year pre-architecture programs, five year BArch programs (with advanced standing). University of Florida students enrolled in the Advanced MArch. program on the Gainesville campus may apply for admission for a single or multiple semesters.

CityLab-Orlando is a partner with the University of Central Florida and Valencia College in a unique 2+2+2 academic experience leading to a Master of Architecture degree. The program also builds upon the University of Florida’s research mission, and will consider students interested in pursuing a Master of Science in Architectural Studies degree (M.S.A.S.) with a focus on urban issues in architecture for admission.

The student body will be recruited locally, nationally, and internationally with three different professional degree track options including the traditional two-year curriculum for students with qualifying pre-professional degrees; a three-year curriculum for students with Bachelor or Master degrees from other areas of study*; and a one-year M.Arch for those already hold a professional degree such as the B.Arch.  Students with a design related degree may qualify for advanced standing.  Both tracks lead to a National Architecture Accreditation Board (NAAB) accredited professional degree qualifying graduates for licensure as architects in the US, Canada, and EU.  Students may also pursue the non-professional one-year Master of Science in Architecture (MSAS) with a focus in areas of history, preservation, sustainability, and technology. 

Program Overview

The University of Florida’s, CityLab-Orlando Advanced Master of Architecture (Advanced M.Arch.) program leads to a professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), the educational credentials you need for licensure as a registered practicing architect in the US, Canada and Mexico.  Students applying to the program will follow one of three curricular tracks, based on their academic qualifications and portfolio of work.  The program requires students to develop an individual focus of study, supported by faculty of their choosing, that will serve as the foundation for their Master’s Research Project to be completed in the final semester of the program.

Three-year Master of Architecture (109 credit hours) – offered to students with a bachelor degree in fields other than architecture.  The program begins in May and requires residency in Gainesville from May through the first week of August for all programs – Main Campus and the CityLab satellites.

Two-year Master of Architecture (52 credit hours) – offered to students with a qualifying pre-professional degree such as a bachelor’s degree in architectural design, a successful record of six to eight previous design studios, and a portfolio of work reflecting sufficient proficiency in architectural design.

One-year Master of Architecture (30 credit hours) – offered to students currently holding an accredited professional degrees such as the five-year Bachelor of Architecture or previous Master of Architecture and outstanding portfolios.

Students accepted into the program are notified in their acceptance letters as to which of these curricular paths they will follow.

The culmination of the Advanced Master of Architecture is a Thesis or a Master’s Research Project. This final exercise is intended to be a highly personal synthesis of the knowledge, experience and skills gained in design studio and support courses, driven by your own specific focus and individual interests. Students successfully completing the program of study will demonstrate a thorough understanding and comprehension of the subject matter relevant to the discipline and will have an understanding of: The cultural, social, technical, economic, and environmental contexts that shape buildings, the history of architecture as it is present in built form and spaces, architectural forms and spaces and their resulting meanings, the materials and methods of construction available to the architect, and the varied and constantly evolving methods utilized in architectural design.

Admission Requirements

The UF School of Architecture’s graduate admissions committee considers applications for entry during January and February of each calendar year. All application materials must be submitted by January 15th for consideration to enter the following Summer or Fall semesters.

    Academic Transcripts must be transmitted from your previous/current academic institution.  Your undergraduate grade point average will be calculated using the last 60 semester credits (or 90 quarter credits) of your bachelor’s degree, of which 3.00 is the minimum acceptable.

    Graduate Record Examination (GRE) must be transmitted prior to the deadline.  Although a minimum quantitative score is not established, students are expected to be in the top 70% of test takers in a given year based on GRE score rankings published annually.

Design portfolio of previous studio work, independent projects and/or other creative work (8.5″ × 11″ preferred).  Your portfolio should illustrate strength in conceptual design, critical thinking, and represent knowledge of architectural conventions – plan, section, elevation, and three-dimensional diagrams and renderings.

Official transcripts and credentials from all previous higher education institutions attended.

Three letters of recommendation from people qualified to assess your academic performance or professional experience.

A personal letter of intent detailing your motives and goals in pursuing a graduate education in architecture, as well as your intended focus or specialization.

If you are a foreign applicant, you must submit your Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score, of which 550 (paper format) or 213 (computer format) is the expected minimum score

The graduate admissions committee bases its decision on the overall strength of your application package, rather than isolated scores or criteria. The application deadline is January 15 of each year – all application materials must reach UF by this date.  Late applications are not necessarily turned away, but they cannot be guaranteed priority for placement or financial aid consideration. The committee will notify you of its decision by letter. The mailing of these letters is tentatively scheduled for the last week of March

M.Arch Three-Year Curriculum

M.Arch. Two-Year Track Curriculum

M.Arch One-Year Curriculum

*Electives are courses freely chosen by students to broaden their intellectual horizons, creative resources and professional background. Any graduate course (numbered 5000 or higher) within or outside the UF School of Architecture meets the elective requirement.

**Options are a selection of courses in a given subject area, from which students choose and take to meet the designated requirement. Typically, two or three choices in each option category are offered during the Fall and Spring Semesters, depending on scheduling logistics, faculty assignments and student demand. At least one course in each option category is available each of these semesters.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to the University of Florida’s Graduate School of Architecture’s Advanced Master of Architecture Program CityLab-Orlando, you should follow the application procedure and requirements found at the following link In addition, you must indicate your preference for the CityLab-Orlando program in your “Statement of Purpose”.

For more information regarding University of Florida’s  Graduate School of Architecture’s  Advanced Master of Architecture CityLab Program, contact Frank M. Bosworth Ph.D. Assistant Director School of Architecture at or Becky Hudson at